routeone Awards 2018

Firmly established as the number one event in the coach and bus calendar.

A sell-out event every year, the Awards attract the very best in the sector for a spectacular celebration of achievement and excellence. Over 800 operators, suppliers and industry stakeholders will come together for the 14th esteemed awards presentations, which garner media attention across the coach and bus industry.

Stephen Barber - Special Award
the evening2

Extending support

The Awards are routeone’s way of extending support to the coach and bus industry; specifically designed to reward outstanding operators.

For the winners, there’s the kudos that flows from being recognised by the industry as being the best in the business. There’s a trophy and certificate presented at an event guaranteed to win maximum national exposure. Winners in previous years have not been slow to take advantage of the opportunity to promote their success through their local media, and throughout the year on their vehicles and marketing materials.

The Categories

Among the 16 categories there are 10 for operators and six for people. New this year is the Rising Star category, introduced to seek and reward high-caliber people in the early stages of their career who deserve recognition but have yet to acquire sufficient experience to achieve promotion to the industry’s top jobs.

Other changes this year reflect structural changes in the industry. Consequently, the categories for Small Bus Operator and Medium Bus Operator have been merged and the threshold between medium bus operator and large bus operator has reverted to 150 vehicles rather than 200 vehicles. A similar tweak has been applied to other appropriate categories.



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